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General Information

SDA Schools

Seventh-day Adventists operate a worldwide education system which includes over 6,700 schools, colleges, and universities worldwide. The worldwide Adventist School System enrolls over 1,300,000 students, and employs about 70,000 credentialed teachers. The Montana Conference of Seventh-day Adventists operates 11 of these elementary schools and one boarding high school. 

ITBS Testing

Students in grades 3-8 will take the ITBS Achievement Test each year. These tests are looked over for each individual student to recognize their areas of strengths as well as their areas that are challenging. These tests help us track student progress from year to year. GVS recognizes that standardized tests play a small role in determining a students progress and success.


Late Work/Corrections Policy

At GVS we want to help students be responsible for their work. Students in all grades have until the following Monday from when an assignment was assigned to get it finished and turned in. If the assignment is turned in after the following Monday, the student will only receive half credit on the assignment. If a student receives a 69% or below on any assignment, test, project, etc. they will have one opportunity to redo the assignment to get half credit back on the questions missed. If a student is sick or absent for any reason, they will have one day for each day they missed to make up the work.

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